Brazil at Expo Dubai

From 10/01/2021 to 03/31/2022. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What is Expo Dubai?

Connection and legacy – those words comprise the spirit of the Expos! 

Since its first edition in 1851, the Universal Exhibitions attract people from all over the world to marvel at the latest technological advances and discuss the perspectives for the future of society.

 Click below to learn more about the world’s largest showcase, which attracted more than 20 million visitors in its last edition alone, held in Milan, Italy, in 2015.

Brazil at

Brazil at Expo Dubai

Brazil has been through the first edition of the Universal Exhibition, held in the United Kingdom, in 1851, and has always contributed with several design and technology innovations. 

In Dubai, the country participates in the event with a pavilion in the Sustainability District, addressing the following themes: conscious use of the environment for production, different agricultural potentials, and the generation of renewable energy, among others. 

The Brazilian pavilion brings an immersive proposal to its visitors, with sounds and smells from various ecosystems from different regions of the country, guaranteeing a unique experience.

The Brazilian Pavilion

A refreshing dive in Brazil! The pavilion will be like an oasis in the desert, a mixture of climates, sounds and aromas from Brazilian biomes transported exclusively to Expo Dubai. Feel the water at your feet and connect with a country full of opportunities!

O Brasil na Expo Dubai
O Brasil na Expo Dubai


  • #Agriculture and the immeasurable contribution of #farmers to our #society were the main #topicsofconversation yesterday at the #Brasil Pavilion thanks to a visit from the members of the vibrant agricultural community of Brazilians in #Paraguay.
  • Also known as #Pau-Brasil, this is a tree called #Brazilwood -- the country of #Brazil actually gets its name from this tree!
  • Yesterday we welcomed a visiting delegation of Members of the Turkish #Parliament at the #BrasilPavilion.
  • #InterestingFact: The #Desanos, an indigenous tribe that mainly lives in the #Amazon state in #Brazil, uses the Tipiti as a way to indicate whom they wish to #marry.
  • Did you know that #Açaí is actually the fruit of a type of #Palm tree?
  • Known for its white, modern architecture, #Brasília was inaugurated as the #capital of #Brazil in 1960.

Invest in Brasil Forum Dubai featured

Organized by ApexBrasil in partnership with the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and Dubai Chamber. The Forum will take place on November 15, when Expo Dubai is considered to be the Week of Brazil, in two shifts, according to the schedule. Check out the full schedule by clicking below.

O Brasil na Expo Dubai

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