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What image does Brazil wish to convey at Expo Dubai?
The Brazilian pavilion is at the Sustainability district of Expo Dubai. The idea is to lead the visitor through a sensory experience that shows Brazil open to the world, full of opportunities, modern, productive, environmentally conscious and sustainable.
Which results does Brazil hope to achieve through its participation in Expo Dubai?
The Universal Exhibitions are events aimed at the general public, largely formed by families and visitors in moments of leisure. They are, therefore, events in which practically all countries participate in search of image gains, resulting from the experience offered to visitors. According to the Expo Organization planning, most of the visitors will be nationals of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as Chinese and Indian tourists. Those are extremely relevant markets for Brazilian products. The intention is to help the pavilion visitors to develop a permanent connection with Brazil, so when they come into contact with a Brazilian product or service, the result is a positive association.
How can the event’s organization in the UAE help attain those results?
The UAE, in addition to being an extremely important market for Brazilian products (highlighting, among others, our exports of animal protein and in the transport sector), is also an important source of foreign investment (with investment, for example, from an Emirati company in the port of Santos). Exporting to the UAE market also serves as a “seal of quality” for the other markets in the region, which is strategic for our companies.
Which other organizations and government agencies are responsible for the Brazilian participation at Expo Dubai?
Apex-Brasil has the responsibility of leading the Brazilian participation in the Universal Exhibition and was formally designated by the Federal Government to do so, having also signed the participation contract with the Organizing Committee. A steering committee of the Brazilian Participation in the Expo has been established since 2018 and is currently comprised of several governmental bodies and ministries. Apex-Brasil regularly reports to that group and consults on the most diverse topics. This group gathers periodically to measure the progress on Brazil’s participation in Expo Dubai.
How is the Brazil’s participation in Expo Dubai funded?
The resources for the construction of the Brazil Pavilion at Expo Dubai are entirely from Apex-Brasil. The Agency is an Autonomous Social Service and is part of the so-called “S System”, not part of the Direct or Indirect Public Administration. It is a private and non-profit entity, which acts in close cooperation with the public power to implement policies to promote exports and attract foreign investments. To this end, it maintains a management contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE).
How can I participate in Expo Dubai?
Apex-Brasil hopes that Brazil’s Pavilion at Expo Dubai will serve as an opportunity to boost exports and attract investments to Brazil. We encourage businesses, governments, and Brazilian organizations to use this privileged space to activate their brands and carry out promotional activities, which can range from expositions to musical presentations, including tastings, parades, and practical lessons. What matters the most is to show the best of Brazil, incorporate the Expo’s creative spirit, and always keep the public in mind. The company selected by Apex-Brasil to operate the Pavilion will be able to provide all the necessary resources for those activities at market prices. Apex-Brasil, in turn, will not charge any fees to those who use the Pavilion area. Moreover, we intend to provide visitors with a completely immersive experience into our Brazilianness. To that effect, Apex-Brasil has selected a Dubai-based company to operate the store, restaurant, and café that will be available at our Pavilion throughout the event, in addition to providing exclusive catering services at market prices to partners who wish to organize events in our space. If you have a product that simply cannot be missing from our store, café, or restaurant, please contact us so that we can put you in touch with the company that operates our Pavilion. However, it is important to note that this is a business operation and that the decision to include a product in one of these areas ultimately lies with the operating company.

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