Brazil Pavilion reaches 1.5 million visitors


Brazil Pavilion reaches 1.5 million visitors

The Brazil Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai reached the mark of 1.5 million visitors since the beginning of the event, in October 2021. Polish Kesia and her son Franek were the lucky ones to register the brand. Afterwards, they were received by the Pavilion Director, Raphael Nascimento, and received gifts alluding to Brazil.


Visitors arrived in Dubai four days before their visit to the Expo and decided to head to the Brazil Pavilion to cool off at Praça das Águas and drink Brazilian coffee. Kesia and Franek were so lucky in their visit that even the Expo mascots, Latifa and Rashid were present to record the visit. “It's great to be in Brazil in Dubai, we hope that the next time will be in Brazil. Thank you very much for the pleasant surprise”, commented the visitor, who took the opportunity to drink her Brazilian coffee as soon as the celebration ended.


The Brazil Pavilion is one of the five most visited at Expo 2020 Dubai, according to the perception of visitors and the teams working at the exhibition. One of its main attractions, along with the imposing architecture, is Praça das Águas, a large space in the pavilion with a central reflecting pool.


“It becomes a refreshing place where you can not only get your feet wet to relieve the heat and the walk through the Expo, but also cool off to wait for the heat to pass”, highlights Pavilion Director Raphael Nascimento. The Brazil Pavilion was designed to be the “Brazilian home” at the Expo and was designed to create an immersive experience about the country, transporting visitors from Dubai to Brazil.

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