Brazil Pavilion receives honorable mention from design magazine


Brazil Pavilion receives honorable mention from design magazine

One of the characteristics of the Universal Exhibitions is that they are great showcases of the countries to the world. The event is one of the most attracting the eyes of people around the planet to get to know and honor the history and peculiarities of each nation. In this edition, there are 192 participating countries, each with its own culture, background and way of interpreting itself through architecture, exhibitions, cuisine, among other characteristics.


For these and other reasons, several awards are held on the occasion of the Expo, and Brazil was not left out. A traditional participant in Universal Exhibitions, Brazil is always remembered for the architectural boldness of its pavilions (as in the multi-award-winning Expo Milan project in 2015), the Brazil Pavilion received an Honorable Mention in the Best Elements/Details category, for the translucent membrane that allows walls of the Pavilion in huge screens for projection of images.


The Brazil Pavilion is also nominated for the recently announced Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, a prestigious architectural award organized by the IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. “The main benefit of these awards is the possibility of publicizing and visibility of the work carried out by the Brazilian presences in the Universal Exhibitions, to attract more and more partners and interested in the next exhibitions. In addition, the recognition of specialized media allows us to show excellence in this type of initiative as well, which is not a traditional trade promotion event, but a great positioning and image event”, says Raphael Nascimento, Director of the Brazil Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.



International recognition to Brazil


At Expo Milan, the Brazil Pavilion received the following awards:

  • Design and Materials: award from the “Towards a Sustainable Expo” program, created by the Ministry of the Environment to encourage sustainability, one of the key issues for Brazil at Expo Milan 2015.
  • Exhibition at the World Achitecture Festival (WAF) Awards: WAF award for Arthur Casas' design for the 2015 Pavilion.
  • Marketing Best: award supported by the Brazilian Marketing Academy (Abramark) and J.Cocco Comunicação e Marketing, ApexBrasil was recognized for its Brazilian participation in the Expo.

And the honorable mentions:


  • International Architecture Prize “Le Architecture dei Padiglioni di Expo Milano 2015”: promoted by IN/ARCH, National Institute of Architecture (Italy) and other entities. ApexBrasil, as a client of Arthur Casas + Atelier Marko Brajovic + Studio Mosae and the construction company Mantovani Spa, were recognized for the work as a result of the joint action of the three parties that contributed to the construction of the project.
  • Exhibitor Magazine “Elements/Details”: recognition by “The Net” of the Brazil Pavilion. Built on an area of ​​4,133 m², the project proposed, through the open volume, an invitation to encounter and discovery. The horizontal structure with the hollowed-out metal grid in bronze highlights the gradual transition between the interior and exterior of the pavilion and marks the contrast with the surrounding garden.
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